Crack the code to mental peak performance

Business may work the same, people do not.

After years of mentoring, educating and coaching I am clear about who I can help and why, so the choice to work together, is made together.

A little about me and the way I work

  • I only work with people who are coachable – life’s too short and business too hard to spend time fighting each other.

  • My sweet spot is working with successful business, practice and agency owners who are a few years down the track and are looking to transform their business, industry or themselves.

  • Sales, marketing, customer experience and culture are my hero segments.

  • Honest and direct conversations are my trademark.

  • I have an extensive network which I make available to my clients.

  • I deliver performance and business coaching, it’s never just one or the other.

  • You’ll be one of a few clients.

  • I don’t run programs or groups.

  • I get my clients what they want within 18 months.

    “Words are not enough to express the amazing coach, mentor, transformational expert that is SUZY JACOBS!



Package 1: FAST

Need a little help?

Let’s get you unstuck.

Talk through dilemnas - staff, systems, sales, capacity - and make a decision.

Cut through the noise to activate your mental peak performance.

The hour is yours. No commitment, no contracts.

Business Package

1 coaching unit = 1 hr phone session.

1 unit = AU $497

First 1/2 hr FREE


* Suitable for solopreneurs and smaller outfits


Package 2: FOCUS

You know where you’re going and you want to get there NOW.

I’m your sounding board and voice of courage. Together we’ll:

Analyse your business strategies, plans and tactics.

Activate your mental peak performance.

Grant you access to Activator Academy tools for TEAMS

Execute your priority actions.

This package guarantees achievement of ONE (1) goal.

Minimum 3 coaching units and includes 1/2 hr SESSION FREE.

Business and Peak Performance Package

1 coaching unit = 1 hr phone session.

1 unit = AU $449

First 1/2 hour FREE


* Suitable for leaders with 2+ team

* Includes Activator Academy, Training for Teams that ROCC.

Girl on Paddleboard.jpg

Package 3: FREEDOM

Give me your dreams and we’ll make them a reality.

This is whole of life stuff - business, health, wealth, adventure and relationships.

Together we systematically analyse options, strategies, plans and tactics.

We activate short term goals while planning for the long term ones.

We give you access to the Activator Academy plus all the tools and training.

You’ll crack the code to your mental peak performance.

We execute and implement priority actions across full spectrum of life.

This program says f*** potential, I choose to BE my most fabulous self now!

Minimum 10 coaching units and 1 hr SESSION FREE.

Whole of Life Package includes:

Activator Academy - tools and training for mental peak performance

Health and wellness outcomes

Relationship insight, direction and coaching.

1 coaching unit = 1 hr approx.

1 unit = AU $399

First unit FREE = 1 hr


* Suitable for leaders with 5+ team

** Includes training in Teams that ROCC and Culture of CARE.