Leadership - take it or leave it

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 In memory of Monica Brewer, who passed away too soon.
May you rest in love, peace and joy.

Leadership - take it or leave it. 

It’s your choice.

Monica cut her teeth as a She Business franchisee back in 2009 and bought the business in January 2017.

After selling, I moved on to new adventures and left Monica to lead …. until a few weeks back when Monica became too ill to look after anyone but her family.  I wanted to be of service - to lead for her and care for the community we created.

I made the choice to step in.  No one asked me to, I didn’t have the authority, I simply did it. My choice to do so came from a deep knowing that strong, purposeful leadership, especially in times of upheaval, is critical.

These past weeks we have mourned together.

We have found solace in renewed connection and conversation

We’ve exchanged love, support and wisdom.

Monica would be proud.  In her view, community was the foundation from which all goodness grew, including good business.

This week we will honour and acknowledge her life. We will say our goodbyes and in doing so, also close the doors to She Business. 

We thank you for being extraordinary.



Love yourself. Tell the truth. Be responsible.

How would life be any different if you can you love yourself, tell the truth and be responsible? Find the source of inner peace during the craziest, busiest, most challenging times in the magic of this distinction.

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