Only 18 months! My personal health and well-being, my sense of who I am, and my business all skyrocketed!”
— Pamela Cominos, Cominos Family Lawyers

Your business is ticking along but you’re not really making the kind of money you’d like.

Your business was supposed to buy you time with family and friends and time to do the stuff you love but you’re putting in more hours than ever.

The whole thing about delegating isn’t really working – staff feel like a huge responsibility and come with little reward (not that it’s their fault).

You hired the business coach to fix stuff, you’ve got the invoices to prove it but nothing much has changed.

Darn it ….  Building a business is not all that it was cracked up to be.

Phew! Your secret is out. Said. Done. And welcome to the real world of business.

And here’s the truth. Our greatest challenges rarely stem from the practical implementation of business strategies.

“the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can neither read nor write, it is those who are unwilling to learn, unlearn and relearn”.

Futurist, Alvin ToffleR

Whether you’re building a practice, agency or business it’s a daily challenge to keep up with the disruption and innovation in business practices.

It’s a path of continual learning just to keep pace with your industry let alone get ahead.

The whole business landscape feels fragmented, so decision points are firing at you daily.

The role of leader feels less planned and more reactionary, no wonder we feel like we’re doing a lot (code word ‘busy’) but not getting the results (productive).

Transform your experience of being a business owner and you’ll revolutionise the results

Business may work the same, but people do not!

After years of mentoring, educating and coaching I am clear about who I can help and why so the choice to work together, is made together.

A little about me and the way I work

  • I only work with people who are coachable – life’s too short and business too hard to spend time fighting each other.

  • My sweet spot is business, practice and agency owners who are a few years down the track and want a better experience and make more money.

  • Sales, marketing, customer experience and culture are my hero segments.

  • Honest and direct conversations are my trademark.

  • I have an extensive network which I make available to my clients.

  • I deliver performance coaching and business implementation, it’s never just one or the other.

  • I help with implementation, staff training, copy writing, drafting and a whole bunch of other stuff.

  • Everything I do is high value, low volume.

  • You’ll be one of a few clients.

  • I don’t run programs or groups.

  • I get my clients what they want within 18 months.

“Words are not enough to express the amazing coach, mentor, transformational expert that is SUZY JACOBS!
I have worked with Suzy for the last 18 months and my personal health and well-being, my sense of who I am, and my business have all skyrocketed!”

Pamela Cominos, Cominos Family Lawyers

Discover your unshakeable truth, transform your experience of business and revolutionise your results.