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We All Get Stuck

You Question Your Worth
Worry About The Future
Fret About Finances

We All Face Dilemmas

What did I do wrong
Is it my fault
How can I do it differently

You’ve read books. Sought help. Asked questions. And yet here you are again.

Stuck. Frustrated. And questioning your yourself.

Is this the right decision?

And how can I know for sure?

Complex situations. Competing parties. Opposing considerations – not easy to resolve.

The status quo is unacceptable. You’ll need to take action soon, but how do you know it’s the right action

Apply the science of choice and use your values as the primary source of truth.

Join me for this Masterclass and discover the process changing the way top-performers find clarity and confidence in the most complex decisions.

  • Make the hard choice and be at peace with it.
  • Know it’s the right choice, regardless of opposition
  • Lead authentically 
  • Communicate your choice with confidence and clarity.

Here’s the truth

  • If your values don’t lead you away from procrastination and towards complete trust in yourself, and your answer, you have a problem with your values.
  • If you haven’t consciously chosen your values you have no source of truth.
  • If you don’t have evidence that your values guide your thoughts and actions when times get tough, they’re NOT YOUR VALUES.

Masterclass, May 2021

“Exceeded expectations”

Jane Thorpe, Business Development Manager

“You’ve hacked the code in simplifying a way of being … I now have 100% confidence in my true values”

Anna Shepherd, Executive Chair, Regal Health.

This Masterclass is a foundation module of the Science of Choice – a ground-breaking methodology leaders across the globe use to find freedom within every choice. 

Let your values do the heavy lifting and lead you to the answer.

Are You Ready To Think Differently?

Hi! I’m Suzy Jacobs.

Here’s the truth.

There is no right or wrong way to do life.

There are simply choices to make. And obstacles to overcome

I don’t care what you choose but I care deeply that you’re equipped to choose.

That you know how to find your answer
to this question
and the ones yet to come.

And know with absolute certainty
the moment you find the right answer for you.

50 Minute Free Masterclass

How you make the tough choice and know with 100% certainty it’s the right choice”

Make the hard choice and be at peace with yourself and the world
Stay strong and follow through with your choice, regardless of opposition
Lead authentically and communicate your choice with confidence and clarity.

Yes, I want to trust my choices and have every choice trusted.

Then you’re ready for the Science of Choice.

As Seen In

Immediately useful concepts. Every session gives me a new perspective and a practice of learning and discovery.

Nicolette Maury

CEO, Asto, Banco Santanda

Broadened my thinking on everything from connecting with my teenage boys to how I lead my team.

Rachel Cottier

CFO, Azure Capital

The exercises were invaluable and I learnt so much from the incredible people sharing tough and inspiring stories.

Anika Scargill

Suzy’s Masterclass didn’t only speak to me, it shook awake that sleeping thought within, telling me I could do better, and spurned me into action.

Jacqueline Wright

I felt strangely fabulous after just one session! Simple solutions to feelings of procrastination and being stuck.

Trish Quinn

Insightful and inspiring Masterclass and everything promised was delivered. And more. A toolkit for lifelong learning. Highly recommend.

Jill Alexander

Immediately useful concepts. Every session gave me a new perspective and a practice of learning and discovery.

Nicolette Maury

CEO, Asto, Banco Santanda

Engaging, informative and new understanding of myself in a positive and supportive way.

Patricia Young

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