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Suzy’s workshop will entice you to think differently about life, love, kids, careers and everything in between.

It will show you exactly what to do when you’re faced with a major decision and how you can apply these skills time and time again.

This is a much-needed education syllabus for our chaotic times. It will equip you to transition from life ‘on demand’ to life ‘by choice’.

Eliminate the conflicts, contradictions and errors in your decision-making process and start living with confidence, certainty and the courage to make the hardest of decisions.

Are you ready to make better decisions, faster?

Attend An Introduction To The Science Of Choice And Discover:

An Introduction to the Science of Choice – when your next move needs to be the right one.
Learn to leverage your choices to make better decisions sooner and achieve your goals faster.
Learn to leverage your choices to make better decisions sooner and achieve your goals faster.
Choosing time – learn how transition moments are used to increase your focus, creativity and brain power.
Declining expectations – learn to let go of judgement and use curiosity to release stress and help you make faster, smarter decisions sooner.

Suzy Jacobs

Suzy is a leading Australian educator, speaker and mentor with nearly 30 years business experience and over 50 years of life experience. She’s been married, divorced, raised two children, travelled extensively and walked vast distances across Australia.

After spending two decades figuring out the answers to the common questions about why we behave the way we do, Suzy funnelled her expertise, wisdom and experience into a practical, skills based program that clears every obstacle, hurdle and friction point so you can achieve your goals faster.

The Science of Choice uses philosophy, neuroscience and emotional literacy to challenge the way you think about life, career, money, kids and everything in between – Suzy Jacbos

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